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Welcome To JessPerfect & Co.

Jessica Blair, Photographer

It is my pleasure to introduce Jessica Blair as a freelance photographer based in Memphis, Tennessee. She graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 2016 with a bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandising, as well as a minor in Mass Communication (Photography). At the age of 13, she developed a passion for fashion and photography. As a result, she began taking graduation pictures in 2015 for her friends and colleagues on the campus of her college. A number of opportunities arose in the following year, which led Jessica to establish JessPerfect Photography, now known as JessPerfect & Company

A wide range of projects have been undertaken by her, including branding for small businesses, working with a global magazine company, and family photography. As a detail-oriented person, Jessica strives to ensure that each person she encounters feels comfortable. Her goal is to produce the highest quality work, and she is always willing to accept advice and learn new skills. A passionate businesswoman with an open mind to innovative ideas and opportunities, Jessica is a growing businesswoman with a passion for her craft.

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Woman's World

Released January 24, 2022

Worked with a global, published magazine company.


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