Jessica Blair is a freelance photographer from Memphis, TN.  Jessica is a 2016 graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a bachelor's in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Mass Communication (Photography). However, her passion for fashion and photography first began at the age of 13.


She started taking graduation pictures for her friends and colleagues around her college campus the year of 2015. As more opportunities arose the following year, Jessica decided to birth what is now JessPerfectPhotography. She has worked on many projects and has created many memories for people in TN. Jessica, and her business, plans to expand in a couple of years, allowing JessPerfect to branch out into the fashion world. 

Jessica takes pride in being detail oriented and making sure that each person she meets feels comfortable. She strives to produce the best work, while always being willing to take advice and learn new things. Jessica is a growing businesswoman that is passionate about her craft and open to new opportunities and ideas. 




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